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Boardable is your go-to, board management software tool designed for the modern, impact-driven board. We understand that your organization's biggest decision-making moments happen during board meetings & we are here to help facilitate the success of your planning now and into the future. 

With Boardable:

➡️ Build agendas using our template library & send dynamic PDFs directly to your board members

➡️ Automate meeting scheduling to find a time that works for everyone without the back and forth of long email chains

➡️ Create, assign and manage action items with our built in task manager during and in between meetings 

➡️ Keep documents stored in one central location for lifetime, group access & easy collaboration

➡️ Add & remove board members while keeping all historical board meeting data & documents secure and safe 

And really, so much more! Book a demo with one of our trusted solutions consultants to learn more about how we can support your growing board. 

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